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We invite you to come take an interactive tour of Long Bay Resort. Learn all about our amenities and accommodations, enjoy highlighting clips of favorite area courses, and check out what is fun to do in town. With these short video clips, you'll have a first hand look at all you can enjoy during your next stay.

Carolina Opry’s All That

Witness Carolina Opry's All That Cloggers. As seen on America's Got Talent.

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“Hey everybody, I’m Mark Clifford.”

“My name is Mike Curtis.”

“I’m Brad Barry.”

“Hi, my name’s Ethan Stewart.”

“In the beginning, we became a part of the Opry because it was kind of luck, for us obviously. We had performed on a TV show back in ’03 called Dance Fever, and after that we got a gig in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas gig just didn’t fit us very well and we decided to up and leave that. We left on good terms.

“Calvin at that point of time was looking for something new and fresh for his show here at the Opry. We hadn’t seen the show yet. He ended up contacting our producer from Vegas, and our producer from Vegas recommended us. So at that point we came down for a two-week trial basis to see if we enjoyed the show, see if we fit his show, see if they enjoyed us being in his show. I think after about three or four days, we fell in love with the place. I think they really dig what we do; I think we add something to show, so it’s almost like… it’s corny, but it’s almost like it’s a match made in heaven. We love being here, and they treat us so well. We give that respect back to them and try to treat them the same way. This is the perfect spot for us.

“I think the big thing that makes us different is people have a huge stereotype of clogging. They think ‘poodle skirts,’ and hillbilly-type music and that is so not it. So when they see us, and they hear the clog, they don’t attribute those two together. On America’s Got Talent last year they kept making comments about how we looked like manly men, like boys, and I think that’s a big draw. You just don’t see guys, especially a group of guys, doing this type of dance and style that we choose to do it in.

“Now, our advice for kids coming up in the dance world – I think we said this several times on America’s Got Talent last year: We’ve been told no a thousand times, and we’ve only been told yes a few. You just can’t let those discouraging words get to you, and you can’t let that bring you down.” "Now, I think we've put a different spin on a very traditional dance, and it's ended up working out for us, and we've been extremely lucky for that." 

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