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Ocean View Café Offers Great Food with a…Great View!

Ocean View Café Offers Great Food with a…Great View!

Take a break from the summer heat to cool off and fuel up at the Ocean View Café in Myrtle Beach.

Located on the second floor of the Long Bay Resort, the Ocean View Café is literally steps away from the scenic Atlantic Ocean and the many pools and amenities of the resort. Guests can make the short walk up the steps or a shirt ride in the elevator to quench their hunger and thirst without taking much time off your vacation clock.

Featuring a full bar and a long lunch-oriented menu, Ocean View Café gives guests a convenient retreat to escape from the beach and satisfy their taste buds. The menu sounds pretty basic, offering burgers and fries, deli sandwiches, soups, salads and snacks. But the quality can’t be matched without venturing off-site. In fact, the combination of menu and view even attract some in-the-know locals for a lunch break.

Ocean View Café’s sandwiches are top-notch, from BLTs, subs, Philly cheesesteaks and chicken salad sandwiches available on the regular menu. Daily specials are also hard to resist, but the burgers are the most popular selection. The 100-percent beef patties are served hot off the grill with a wide choice of toppings. Throw in a hot side of fries and a ice-cold drink and you have a can’t-miss fix for your hunger.

Others are just looking for a quick bit and a cool sip for a refreshing break from the beach. Appetizers include piled-high nachos, onion rings, fried mushrooms and cheese sticks that will melt in your mouth. Cool it down with a cold beer or a frozen drink from the bar, which offers all the major beer brands and mixed drinks you desire. For a small beachfront café, the Ocean View has a surprisingly wide selection.

But the biggest decision you may make at the Ocean View is where to sit – inside the air-conditioned restaurant to chill out and check out the TVs, or on the patio deck in the ocean breeze while taking in the beach and pool scenery. Inside, the walls are painted with beach scenes. Outside, the “walls” are beach scenes.

Ocean View Café and Long Bay Resort are located at 7200 North Ocean Boulevard in the Ocean Forest section of Myrtle Beach. Hours vary depending on the season, but during the summer months it is open seven days a week from late morning to late night. Whether it’s a late lunch before hitting the beach or a late-night snack after a night on the town, you can’t go wrong at the Ocean View Café.

(posted 4/7/14)