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The Luck of the MarshWalk


About The Luck of the MarshWalk

Dress up in your best green gear for a chance to win $1,000 in cash during The Luck of the MarshWalk this St. Patrick's Day. Collect a colored coin from each restaurant and bar along the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk for your chance to win the $1,000 prize. Secret Leprechauns will wander through the parties giving out coins to their favorite costumed participants.

Each restaurant will offer food and drink specials as well as live music.

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March 17th, 2019 March 17th, 2019

Upcoming dates for The Luck of the MarshWalk
  • March 17, 2019: 12:00 am


The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk

The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk, Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576