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Oceanview Cafe

Enjoy sandwiches, salads and cool afternoon drinks while soaking up our amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean right here at Oceanview Cafe at Long Bay Resort.

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Long Bay Resort and Oceanview Café has the perfect lunch location for you and your family to enjoy not only the taste, but the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The décor is very light and bright with colorful and playful wall murals of fun beach days gone by.  Enjoy a deli sandwich, salad, fresh hamburgers or hotdogs.  How about a tasty cocktail as you enjoy your afternoon. 

Come out and dine on the outside balcony overlooking the pool deck and Atlantic Ocean.  There is plenty of seating and space for you to have the perfect snack while enjoying the sights and sounds.

Make sure to stop by the Oceanview Café here at Long Bay Resort.


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