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Legends Theatre - Roy Orbison

Get to know the person that becomes Roy Orbison 6 nights a week at the Legends Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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“Studying Roy and preparing for the role really wasn’t that much of a burden because I liked the stuff so much. I have problems trying to be Roy in color because I studied it in black and white for so long.

“Legends in the Valhalla for anybody that’s in the impersonator business and tribute art business. This is where everybody wants to go; this is the gold standard. SO the idea that I get to come do this for Legends in Concert just makes what I do all that much more enjoyable because there isn’t a higher stone to step to after this.

“I’ve spent 20 years portraying Roy Orbison, and it’s been a gift to me because I’ve gotten to know some of Roy’s family and people who were in his band. I’ve gotten to hear stories along the way, and I enjoy hearing from audiences now about when they saw Roy or what songs they enjoy.

“I hope you’ll come out and share some of the Roy Orbison experience with me and Legends with Concert. If you come out, you’ll see my act and several others, you’ll enjoy the music, you’ll enjoy the seats, you’ll enjoy the popcorn, and when the whole thing is over, we can get together in the lobby and you can tell me what your favorite Roy Orbison memories are.”


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