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Newly renovated Starbucks gives our guests the best experience while staying here at Long Bay Resort in Myrtle Beach.

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A vacation in Myrtle Beach isn’t the Same Without That Amazing Cup of Coffee.
If you are ready for that fresh cup of coffee or Danish in the morning, the Long Bay Resort can help.  Located right next to the lobby and Martin’s Restaurant is the delicious Starbucks Café.

The Courtyard right outside from the Starbucks is a great area to enjoy your mornings or afternoon sun. There are plenty of comfortable seats and tables for you to enjoy.  Whether you are inside or out, you will enjoy your experience.

The friendly staff will deliver your fresh morning coffee with a smile.  Don’t forget to indulge in one of the many pastries offered to accompany your beverage.  The Starbucks team here at the Caribbean Resort makes one cup at a time that is fresh, delicious and hot.

Want to chill out for a while in the after a long day at the beach, or want to stop in for that after dinner coffee or sweet treat, Starbucks is here for you.  Come in with your friends and family and enjoy the free wi-fi they have available to you.

If you are trying to stay cool, then try one of their refreshing iced beverages.  There are too many to list and choose from, so you will have to come by and decide for yourself which one you will have.

The Long Bay Resort and Starbucks Coffee are waiting for you.  So come on by, grab your beverage of choice and a pastry and relax and enjoy.


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