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Veal Crommie at Martin’s

Join us at Martin's Restaurant where you will enjoy every bite.

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We are at Martin's Restaurant in Myrtle Beach at the Long Bay Resort at 7200 North Ocean Boulevard.  I am Martin Dobr.

I am making Veal Crommie which was actually one of my customers that used to come here and he never had Crommie, so I made it for him, he loved it and told me I should put in on the menu, so I did.

First you start with a thin slice of veal and your pound it flat.  Then you put in flour and eggs and parmesan cheese and place in a pan with olive oil and sauté it and then flip it over.  

Next we make cream sauce with tomato and capers and put it over the dish.

We have breakfast buffet for the golfers and we have omelet station.  We make eggs over easy or anyway you like it and can feed a lot of golfers in the morning before they tee off.

We have a great menu including duck, wiener schnitzel, veal, steaks, fish, fresh fish grouper, salmon, scallops and snapper and crabs.

I have been cooking for 45-50 years.  Close to 50 years.  I have been here for19 years.  Long Bay has been here for 17 years.

We are on 7200 North Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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