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Behind the Walls - History of Long Bay Resort in Myrtle Beach. Before it was Long Bay Resort, it was Thunderbird and then the Inn in Myrtle Beach. Enjoy the history of what we now know as Long Bay Resort and the impact it has had on shaping what Myrtle Beach is today.

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Back then the Thunderbird was the hottest thing in Myrtle Beach and probably along the entire coast area.  They were actually advertised having telephones in the rooms, color TV in every room and they called it an olympic sized pool and back then an olympic sized pool was much smaller then today.

The restaurant was open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the summertime, Breakfast and Dinner in the wintertime to cater to golfers.

The Thunderbird motel had 125 units when they opened.  We did add on a oceanfront lawn and a BBQ area for the guests to use and which now I don't think they would be allowed to do that.  That was sort of unique.  There were not many resorts around at all and the Thunderbird was the only resort on the north end at the time that they opened.  They did a huge amount of golf business.  Greens fees were like $5.50 a golfer and cart fees were about $3.00. Rooms, you could get a nice hotel room for about $20.00.  The golfers would split that and the golfers would pay about $10.00 per night. 

A corporation in Maryland bought it in 1987 and they ran it for a couple of years until Hurricane Hugo hit the coast.  We had extensive damage on the oceanfront, but just the first floor.  As a matter of fact, I could go into the rooms and on top of the sand and touch the ceiling tiles that is how high the sand came up.

We went to a furniture market and bought lots of furniture - the old Queen Ann style of fabric, chairs and cushions all good at that time.

As a matter of fact the bar top at Martins Restaurant now was the original front desk from the Inn at Myrtle Beach lives in Martins Restaurant.

May 1, 1996, David Brittain along with his partners purchased the Inn at Myrtle Beach.   Around August that same year, they closed the inn, and started building what we now know as Long Bay.  We started adding an additional 189 units and 102 3- bedroom condos that was really sometime at that time.  Then they started with all of the pool amenities.  We were one of the few that had an indoor lazy river.

It was just a different ball game then it is today.  Back then there was only 10-12 golf courses.  I liked the growth, but of course I liked it back when it was slow then too, but I think the growth has been great, I really do.  All of the shopping areas and things that people can do down here and that brought more people into Myrtle Beach and that is why we had to billed all of these hotels and refurbish everything and make it grow up and that is good.

I sort of miss the sleepy little town Myrtle Beach once was but I also understand growth is good and change is good.


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