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Winter Rentals at Long Bay Resort

Every year, thousands of snowbirds flee winter in northern climes and flock to the beach, where they huddle by the seashore. Why do they do it? We asked some of our snowbirds who return year after year. Here are the top reasons:

1.    To escape the snow and rain back home!

Myrtle Beach’s mild climate is a great place to escape for the winter. While temperatures do cool, you hardly ever have to battle snow and ice. There’s not even much rain, as the fall and winter in Myrtle Beach is the driest time of the year.

2.    To see old friends (and to make some new)

Many of the winter renters at Long Bay Resort come year after year and get to know the others who do the same. We also have a coordinator every winter who helps organize events from day trips to Charleston to shopping trips to the Tanger outlets. We’ll even do fun pizza or movie nights—one year we had an aquarobics instructor. You’ll love the community you can find among our winter renters.

3.    To save big on a trip to the beach

Pricing depends on your room and when you visit, but you can save big by visiting Myrtle Beach for a long stay in the winter. When you stay a month or more between December and the end of March, you can qualify for our winter rental program. The discounts are huge. You can also save on lodging taxes with an extended stay—a stay of 11 days drops your rate, and after 90 days, all your lodging tax is refunded to you.

4.    To explore Myrtle Beach without the crowds

Summer in Myrtle Beach can be fun, for sure. But when you come in summer, you will end up spending some time battling crowds, whether you’re waiting in line to ride the Skywheel or fighting traffic on Ocean Boulevard. But when you visit in the winter, you can enjoy most of your favorite attractions without the lines, without the crowds and without the stress!


To learn more about winter rentals at Long Bay, call us at 866-676-3092.


Published 10/24/13

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