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Long Bay Resort Tips: Six Items Your Beach Bag is Worthless Without

Look, you’re welcome to head down to the beach with nothing but your flip flops and a swimsuit. But, you’ll probably have a better day, and be able to hang out longer, if you pack a beach bag—especially if it’s a well-packed.

To help you get your back packed right next time you’re visiting Myrtle Beach and Long Bay Resort, we’ve compiled this list of six items your beach bag is worthless without:

1. Water
As the Rime of the Ancient Mariner says, “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” So when you head to the beach, you’ll want to pack a water bottle, either in your beach bag or in your cooler if you’re brining one. After you build up a serious thirst in the warm Myrtle Beach sunshine, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Sunscreen
One application in your hotel room before you head to the beach probably won’t be sufficient. The sand, the salt water, even the sweat you may build up playing on the beach, they all can break down the integrity of your sunscreen. The smart plan is to re-apply throughout the day to assure that your beach vacation is burn-free!

3. Towel
Even if you’re not planning to swim in the ocean, you’ll still want a towel. And even if you brought a chair to sit in, you’ll be more comfortable with a good beach towel underneath you.

4. Book or magazine
There is nothing quite like a good beach read. And we’re not talking about homework. We like to bring something to the beach that’s more like candy for your brain—a good gossipy magazine, a light comedy, a breezy thriller. You’re on vacation, make sure your reading list reflects it.

5. Wet wipes
You can try toweling off dirty, sticky hands pre- and post-snack, but a good wet wipe will do the job better, and they’re easy to forget.

6. Shades
For most of us, sunglasses are a must, just to be able to appreciate the view at the beach! But whether it’s sunglasses, beach hat or even an umbrella (well, that last one may not fit in your bag…), you’ll likely have a better day at the beach if you have some way to shade yourself.

What do you think? Did we get this list right? Are there other must-have items you always put in your beach bag when you visit Long Bay Resort? Share your ideas in the Myrtle Beach travel forum!

Published 4/15/13

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