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Keep your Golf Skills Up in the Winter Before coming to Myrtle Beach

It's Mother Nature's timeless dirt trick on those who play golf.

You work on your game all spring, summer and fall, and just when you think you have the hang of it winter rolls around, you take three months off and you have to start all over from scratch again in the spring.

It's a common problem whether you live in the Great White North or the South, where milder temperatures allow at least an occassional round or two. But regardless of climate, there are some simple steps you can take to stay sharp year-round.

For starters, set up a homemade practice facility in your garage or play room where you can get away from distractions and focus on your golf swing and positioning on a regular basis.

Use a full-length mirror to set up in front of so you can make sure you are maintaining a proper stance and correct body angles. A long layoff tends to relax your stance and create minor flaws that can have major consequences when you return to the links.

Also use a putting station, either homemade with a piece of carpet and a cup or any of the store-bought products that duplicate the putting surface. Just as anything in golf, repetition is the key to maintaining proper mechanics.

You can also use the same set-up to practice chipping. Some try chipping into a padded chair or a waste basket to provide a target for your short game, which is the most common aspect of golf that people lose their feel for in the offseason.

When you get a warm day - perhaps not warm enough or enough sunlight for a full 18 holes - spend a couple of hours at the driving range and on the practice greens. A nice par-3 course can work wonders for keeping your short game sharp.

Many metropolitan areas and golf resort towns feature indoor practice facilities where you can work on you game year-round for a reasonable rate. Find a place where you can work on driving, chipping and putting and do it on a regular basis.

But there's nothing like the real thing to hone your skills, and golf resorts like Myrtle Beach, where the weather is mild in the winter and the rates are reduced, can make for a great getaway to play a couple of rounds a day. Check out for reasonably priced packages.

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